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Figure transformation has been a predominant theme in my work over the past twenty-five years. I have been operating as a painter but employing traditional photographic tools. Over the past decade, my practice has explored the medium of water and in this new project, Chromatics, I find myself moving in a very different and exciting new direction. Still working with water I am connecting back in history, reinterpreting the meaning of the Colour Field work and such great painters as Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Lewis and Barnett Newman among so many others. I photograph from above in order to flatten the perspective. I rework this canvas with a toolkit that includes clouds, reflections, plastic sheeting, cloth-encased figures as well as aperture, shutter speed and artificial lighting. It is important that I am able to capture these photographic constructions in-camera, creating on site, rather than relying on photographic artifice.

All photographs available for purchase at multiple sizes. Please inquire for sizing and pricing.