Two People

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Excerpt from essay by Sara Angel:

Cole's most recent body of work, "Two People Walking On a Tightrope in an Ordinary Life Full of Extraordinary Moments" (2012), continues her aquatic exploration of the human form, though once again she pioneered a new vision. Drawing on the dance choreography of the Russian master George Balanchine, the series investigates the nature of emotional gesture and expression within a relationship. Instead of being a fly on the wall, observing her subjects from above and in a secretive corner, Cole positioned herself beneath a transparent shelf of Plexiglas installed inside her pool. With her camera pointed upward, she chronicled a couple that stood above as they enacted lyrical scenes of joy and anger, remorse and isolation. While "Two People" marks a remarkable fourth new exploration for Cole, her foray into making art beneath the water is far from coming to a close. A decade ago, when she entered the pool with her camera Cole immediately discovered how perfectly the water's lens suited her sensibility. Not only did it allow her to represent things looking differently from how we think they should appear, it presented "so many ways to see things that you otherwise wouldn't experience in life," she says.

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