Shadow Dancing


Second to my underwater studio, my favourite place is the Darkroom, where I created the Tintype images for this series, using the Wet Collodion technique that was in common use more than 150 years ago. The otherworldly beauty that results from merging the past (tintype technique) and present (digital technology) in two separate but overlapping images, physically separated by empty space is startling and fascinating at the same time. It’s a three-dimensional dance of light and shadow. 

Reinterpreting our relationship with our surroundings has always been an important element in my work. Shadow Dancing is about the evocative nature of memories that seem to stretch and compress the distance between the now, what has come before and challenges us to confront who we really are. These pieces explore a woman's relationship with her own present, past and identity. 

The women in my works actively participate in the creative narrative. They may be stand-ins for myself, but I don’t look too deeply for meaning. There is something triumphant about these women surviving and sustaining themselves. They appear timeless, iconic, heroic, epic. 

The women in these images are archetypal figures reflecting the ability of the human spirit to synthesize experience and triumph over adversity. They are testaments to the power of bravely embracing one’s shadow. 

All photographs available for purchase at multiple sizes. Please inquire for sizing and pricing.

Barbara describes the backstory, at the Holden Luntz Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida. Click here to view.