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Barbara Cole featured in Celebrity Cruises' "Celebrity Edge" Art Collection


From the creators:

It was the dream of Celebrity Cruises to bring to this ship the most exciting and groundbreaking collection of art. From stunning fine art photographs, to sculptural installations, through to thought-provoking immersive spaces, Celebrity Edge embraces all mediums and encapsulates all that is cutting edge.

The Celebrity Edge art collection has taken over 2 years to curate. The collection consists of more than 4000 carefully selected artworks created by some of the world’s leading contemporary artists, together with artworks of important historical interest.

Guests can walk alongside sculptures by leading French artist Xavier Veilhan, whose group of plywood sculptures live amongst the ship’s community. Named after the individuals who inspired and lent their forms to Veilhan, each has their own identity and personality.

Next, guests enter the dreamlike immersive infinity space Avalon, designed by Swedish / British design duo Fredrikson Stallard. Once inside, the space opens up into infinity. Polished bronze trees, choreographed lights and music composition add to the unique experience as you travel through the space.

Café Al Bacio is home to large-scale romantic photographs by Australian artist Alexia Sinclair. These photographs evoke the history of travel and can be viewed endlessly as there is so much detail to discover. Jiao Long, the delicate and elaborate sculpture of a galleon made from artificial pearls, was created by British artist Ann Carrington to enhance the space and celebrate the history of travel.

Serac, the intriguing sculpture created by Fredrikson Stallard, emerges from the centre of the magnificent Martini Bar like a piece of hewn ice. The design duo scanned real ice in order to capture the intricate details that exist in this natural material.

Even a normally uneventful journey in an elevator is a chance to appreciate photography by leading British photojournalist and photographer Jimmy Nelson, whose striking portraits from his photographic series Before They Pass Away and Homage to Humanity take pride of place.

The stairs at both ends of the ship contain incredible artworks, including American artist Molly Hatch’s Grand Celestial, a ceramic installation that reminds guests of the origins of travel and exploration. There are also moments of pure fun such as French artist Sacha Goldberger’s Super Mamika - his muse is his grandmother dressed as a super hero.

The attention to detail extends to the speciality restaurants. In Tuscan Restaurant, Italian artists like Karenina Fabrizzi were commissioned to create original works on paper and canvas. In Normandie Restaurant, original Art Deco glass wall panels by René Lalique adorn the walls alongside original Art Deco plaster panels by Jean Dunand. They started life aboard the original SS Normandie ship, launched in 1935, at the height of the Art Deco period. The SS Normandie was built in the same shipyard in France as Celebrity Edge and was famous for its opulent and lavish interiors of which these Jean Dunand panels are excellent examples. The vitrines above the banquette seating contain glassworks by leading glass artists from across Europe and the United States. American artist Kiva Ford’s whimsical vessels stretch the boundaries of what is possible in glass and contain beautiful references to the ships origins in France and the restaurant’s name, Normandie. There is a French bulldog, a Normandy apple and a model of the original SS Normandie amongst his collection, all crafted out of glass and contained within a perfect glass bubble.

Out on the ship’s open decks, British Sculptor Sophie Dickens’ statuesque horse Arion stands proud and strong silhouetted against the horizon, juxtaposed with American urban artist Curtis Kulig’s Love mural.

The stateroom corridors include 440 individual photographs by some of the world’s greatest photographers, including Argentinian photographer Marcos Furer’s Elegance and American photographer Drew Doggett’s Kenyan and Ethiopian peoples. In staterooms and suites, the very best international photographers have been sourced, including Kristian Schuller, whose theatrical fashion focused shots are used throughout.

We hope you enjoy your art adventure!

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